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Look Your Best on the First Date

Look Your Best on the First Date

First impressions are bound to leave an impact. Whether it’s for your important interview for work or in terms of winning the heart of that amazing girl. You need to make her feel like you take her seriously on the first date, but not by being too pushy or clingy. Instead use visual clues since women notice this more than men do. And the best kind of visual clue you can give that important girl, is through your dressing and grooming. It would tell her that you can take care of yourself and perhaps even her, that you’re responsible. Follow the following steps before your first date to make sure you leave a lasting impression.

  1. Go shopping – Choosing an outfit before a first date is something most guys struggle with. Choosing it from your existing wardrobe could be an option but isn’t a very good one as you’ve probably worn all those clothes very often and this date is something brand new in your life. So a good idea would be to go shopping and buy a really nice designer shirt and a pair of well fitting jeans.
  1. Groom Well – Now that you’ve bought new clothes for the date, you’re ready for step two – Grooming. Being well groomed is what will send the signals that tell her you’re responsible and can take care of yourself. If your hair is too long go get a haircut, truefitt and hills would probably be a great option. You should also be shaved or if you keep facial hair, make sure that it is well maintained. While you’re still at the salon, try getting a manicure to make sure your hands and nails are as clean as they can be. All this is bound to make your date go wow inside.

  1. Dress to Impress – Now that grooming is taken care of, it’s time to get ready for the date itself. This would require patience and care as doing this in a hurry could cause a styling disaster. Make sure that your clothes are ironed and take a shower before you start getting ready to look and be at your freshest. Then wear your clothes, since it’s your first date and probably not that fancy, you can leave your shirt untucked and look cool. Add in some accessories like your favorite watch and belt, and don’t forget to wear a great pair of boots that matches your outfit. If it’s sunny, you could also add in your cool shades.

So gentlemen, after you’ve done all the above, you can be confident that your date is going to give you an 11 on 10 for that first impression. Also remember that dressing isn’t all that counts, also be respectful and enjoy your date.

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