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San Francisco, CA Where Being a Tourist can be Done While Staying Stylish

San Francisco, CA Where Being a Tourist can be Done While Staying Stylish

Are you planning a vacation in San Francisco? Then you need to take into consideration that each year millions of people visit San Francisco. Last year alone they had 16.9 million visitors. Knowing this makes taking the time to check out places other than the classic tourist attractions and brilliant idea. Some of these attractions that you can choose from are:

San Francisco Tourist Stylish

  • The Yoda Fountain is a must see for any Star Wars fan. The Yoda Fountain is located at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco’s beloved Presidio.
  • If you are a fan of Mayan and Beaux Arts then a visit to 450 Sutter Street, in the Financial District, needs to be on your agenda. The walls, ceiling, elevator doors, windows and doors are adorned with Mayan inspired art.
  • Another fun choice is the Exploratorium. This is a hands-on science, art, and human perception museum. The Exploratorium is home to hundreds of exhibits that are fun for people of all ages.
  • The Golden Gate Park is the home of the historical Botanical Gardens. The garden contains an estimated 8,000 types of plants and covers 55 acres.
  • f you are into fashion then attending a fashion show is another must. There are hundreds of fashion shows in San Francisco every month. A few locations of such fashion shows are Silicon Valley, The California College of the Arts Senior and City College.

When you are getting ready for a trip there is more to plan than just where you will be going. It is also a smart idea to plan out every aspect of the trip to ensure you don’t miss anything crucial. A few of these other aspects are, find lodging, transportation, tour guides, and restaurants to name a few things that are often forgotten. For any woman, knowing where a good hairstylist is located is a must. Knowing the location of where to go for all health and beauty need is another smart thing to add to your plan. Planning a trip can be time consuming, stressful and fun all at the same time.

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