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Things To Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Things To Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is a common part of life for both men and women. Obviously, it afflicts men more often but the problem is relatively the same for anyone who experiences it. Sure, baldness patterns and rate of hair loss may differ from person to person but hair loss is hair loss.

Genetics play a major role in the likelihood you will lose your hair.  Of course, environmental factors can also stress the body in ways that might speed up the process.  But no matter what may have caused your hair loss, you should be happy to know that there are many possible Capilia treatments available.

Hair Transplant Surgery

And such treatment is something called hair transplant surgery.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

While it is considered “surgery” hair transplants are minimally invasive. This procedure simply involves the extracting of hair from a part of the scalp that is more full and relocating to a part of the scalp that is more bare.

How Does Hair Transplant Surgery work?

Basically, the surgeon cleans the scalp and then injects medicine that will numb the back of your head.  At this point, the doctor will use one of two extraction methods to retrieve the hair for transplant.  These two methods are Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery

This procedure involves the removal of a 6 to 10-inch strip of skin from the back of the head. The surgeon then sews the scalp closed again, which is hidden by the surrounding hair.  Then the doctor will divide the removed section of skin into up to 2,000 tiny grafts, each with an individual hair (or more).

Follicular Unit Extraction

This procedure shaving the back of the scalp and removing hair follicles one at a time. The area heals and you grow more hair.

While the processes are different at the beginning but the final steps are the same: both involve the reinstalling of the newly grafted hair into the scalp.  The whole process can take as long as 8 hours, depending upon the size of the transplant.

After the Surgery

Although the procedure may only take 4 to 8 hours, the scalp might remain tender for at least another day. In fact, the surgeon will probably have you wear a head bandage for at least a day. He might also prescribe antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatories.  Most people find they can return to work within 2 to 5 days.

However, between 2 and 3 weeks later, the transplanted hair will fall out.  This is normal and is the first step in growing new hair.  Most people report new hair growth of about 60 percent within the first 6 to 9 months.

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